After spending a weekend or a week enjoying our luxurious hot tub, you may be tempted to buy your own hot tub to enjoy whenever you wish, but there are additional costs to buying your own hot tub that you need to take into account that will add to the expense.

Each hot tub we own is carefully and thoroughly cleaned between each rent, this time and the cost of the cleaning products would need to come from you, and while this may be a small issue for you, storage is another concern, keeping a hot tub all year round means needing somewhere safe and secure to have it set up permanently, or to stow it out of the way between uses, which likely means building it’s own shed, or giving up your conservatory or garage to it full time.

This organisation of cleaning and storage removes the hot tub from being a special treat for the whole family and turns it into a chore where someone has to clean it out and make sure it’s put away properly, this detracts from the enjoyment having such a treat should be.

Do you really have the room to store a hot tub when your not using it?